How to Copy Images from Google Docs to Slides and Back

When you upload an image and insert it into a Google Document, it should then also be available through Google Drive to insert into future documents and into Google Slides. However, in practice it’s rarely that quick and simple. There is an easier option if you want to copy an image from a Google Document to another one or into Google Slides. That option is to simply right-click on the image, select copy, and then go to the slide that you want to use the image in and paste it in. The process also works in reverse to copy an image from Google Slides to Google Documents. 

Watch this short video to see how to copy images from Google Docs to Google Slides and back

Applications for Education

Copying images from Google Docs to Google Slides or the reverse of that process can be helpful to students who are creating presentations about reports that they have compiled. For example, this could be helpful to a student whose report includes a graph or diagram that he or she plans to also talk about during a slideshow presentation.


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