Link to Sections Within the Pages of Google Sites

The current version of Google Sites has come a long way in the last year or so. It now includes almost every feature that the old version of Google Sites offered (good thing, because the old version is scheduled for deprecation soon). One of those features is the ability to link to a specific section with a page in your website. 

To link to a section within a page of your Google Site you need to include section headers. That’s easy to do. To include a section header simply insert one of the layout options listed in the right-hand menu of the Google Sites editor. Then just type a title for your section. Then when you publish your site you’ll see a link appear when you hover your mouse pointer over that section title. 

Watch this short video to learn how to link to sections with the pages of Google Sites. 

Applications for Education

As I mentioned in the video, linking to a section within a page in Google Sites could be helpful your students when you’re trying to direct them to a specific resource within a long list of resources on a Google Sites page. You could post the link to the section in Google Classroom or any other LMS to direct students to a specific resource or section of a resource list.


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