Create and Publish a Multimedia Timeline With Canva

Last week a reader emailed me looking for a suggestion for making multimedia timelines with her middle school students. My usual suggestion of Timeline JS was ruled out because her school use Office 365 and the kids can’t access Google Sheets with school accounts. My other suggestion was to try using Canva to create multimedia timelines. 

Canva offers dozens of templates for creating timelines. Within the templates students can embed videos, maps, pictures, animations, and even add background audio. They can do those things with any of the timeline templates. In this short video I demonstrate how to create a multimedia timeline in Canva. 

Applications for Education
The nice thing about having students use Canva to create multimedia timelines is that they can all use different layouts and themes which breaks up some the “cookie cutter” nature of timeline assignments. The other thing that’s nice about using Canva to create multimedia timelines is that students can collaborate online to develop timelines together.

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