A Solution When Google Forms or Microsoft Forms Won’t Do What You Need

Google Forms and Microsoft Forms can be used to accomplish a lot of common school tasks like creating self-grading quizzes, managing sign-out/sign-in sheets, and collecting survey data. But there are some tasks that Google Forms and Microsoft Forms can’t do or can only do in a rather convoluted way. I was reminded of this when a reader sent me an email looking for help creating an online form that parents could complete to book a parent-teaching conference while simultaneously submitting information about the concerns they want to discuss during the meeting. My first suggestion was to try Google Calendar appointment slots, but that didn’t offer enough structure for responses. My second suggestion was to take a look at JotForm. 

JotForm is an excellent alternative to Google Forms and Microsoft Forms because it offers capabilities that Google Forms and Microsoft Forms don’t offer. For example, without the need for a third-party addon you can set limits on the number of times a response choice can be chosen. Another great feature is the ability to turn form responses into a fillable PDF. For those who manage after-school clubs or other groups that need to collect payments, JotForm offers that option. But the best aspect of JotForm is the gallery of more than 10,000 premade form templates that you can use. 

Within JotForm’s gallery of templates there is a collection of more than 200 appointment form templates. You can customize the templates to fit your needs as well as integrate them with Google Calendar, Excel, Zoom, and a bunch of other helpful services. So if you’re looking for an alternative to using Google Forms or Microsoft Forms to manage meeting scheduling, take a look at JotForm. I’ve included a couple of tutorials below to help you get started. 

How to Create an Online Form and Fillable PDF With JotForm

How to Create an Appointment Scheduler With JotForm


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