A Small, Helpful Change to Google Slides

Last week I shared a couple of updates to Google Docs, including watermarking documents, that teachers and students should find helpful. There was also a small update made to Google Slides last week. That update was to replace the “Present” button with a “Slideshow” button. 

If you don’t already see it, in the next week or so the “Present” button in Google Slides will be replaced by the “Slideshow” button in Google Slides. The functions will remain the same. The only change is to the name of the button. 

Applications for Education
The Google Workspace Updates blog says that this change is being made to differentiate between presenting in person and presenting in Google Meet. There’s also the added benefit of helping new Google Slides users identify how to see their slides as a slideshow and not just the editor view. Speaking of new Google Slides users, I have a series of tutorials designed for teachers who are new to using Google Slides. Those tutorials are included below. 


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