The Practical Ed Tech Podcast – Episode 34 Featuring Dr. La’Tonya Rease Miles

This evening I had the pleasure of talking with Dr. La’Tonya Rease Miles and recording our conversation for The Practical Ed Tech Podcast.

LT Rease Miles is the Director of First Year Experience at UCLA. About a month ago in Amarillo, Texas I saw her give a great presentation about hidden curriculum and the challenges that first generation college students face that we might unknowingly overlook. We spoke after the conference and I invited her to join me on the podcast to talk and share more about the concept of hidden curriculum.

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with LT and I hope that you enjoy listening to it too. If you’re a high school teacher, guidance counselor, or a college faculty member, I think you’ll pick up some fantastic insights and ideas from listening to this episode of the podcast. You can listen to the full episode here or on your favorite podcast network.

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