How to Randomize Question and Answer Sequences in Google Forms

On Tuesday afternoon I published Google Forms Features You Should Know How to Use. That post and corresponding video has prompted a slew of emails from people either asking or suggesting that I make a video about how to have Google Forms questions and answers appear in random order within a quiz. So as a man of the people I have made that video.

My new video, embedded below, demonstrates how to questions appear in a different order each time a Google Forms quiz is opened. The video also shows you how to have the answer choices for each question appear in a different order each time the quiz is opened. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t randomize the question sequence if you are using the “go to section based on answer” function as it will break the logic used in designing the form. If all of your questions are on form that has only one section then you can use both the random question and random answer choice options.


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