These Cool Cats Will Teach You About Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs Friends is a fun YouTube channel that features cats explaining phrasal verbs. The videos use pictures of cats in green-screen settings to show and explain the various meanings of phrasal verbs like “warm up” and “take care.”

Applications for Education
Phrasal verbs can be tricky for students to understand. These cute cat videos could help students understand the meanings of some phrasal verbs.

The videos could be the inspiration for a classroom video project. You could have students make their own fun phrasal verbs videos featuring their own pets. Use a tool like or PhotoScissors to remove the background from the original image and then drop the pet picture in front of a new setting. Then take those pictures and use them in a video editor like iMovie, WeVideo, or Adobe Spark Video to make videos of the pets explaining a phrasal verb.


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