Practical Ed Tech Podcast Episode #4

This morning I hosted a new episode of Practical Ed Tech Live on my YouTube channel. For those who missed it, it is now available as the fourth episode of the Practical Ed Tech Podcast. The podcast can be found on, on Google Podcasts, on Spotify, on RadioPublic, and on Pocket Casts. I’m working on getting it distributed through iTunes too.

And now that school is back in session for pretty much everyone, I’m moving the live broadcast to Thursday afternoons instead of Friday mornings. So join me on my YouTube channel next Thursday at 3pm to watch and ask questions live.

The show notes can be viewed here as a Google Document.

Questions answered in the podcast include:

Can you limit the number of responses on Microsoft forms? For instance, we are doing a sign-up at school and only want 15 students/choice. Can this be done?

Hi – I teach technology classes and I am looking for a few good videos to show my class for sub days. Any recommendations?
Thank you!!

What apps for a Chromebook or in general do you recommend for ELL Students? By this, I am referring to helping students take content that is spoken or written in English and translate it into Spanish. Something besides Google Translate.

With my students I have created bilingual dictionary in Google sheets (two columns, one for English and one for translation). Do you happen to know of any way to turn it into an online dictionary with a search box?

I’m looking for a way to record comments/feedback and send to my students when reading their essays. Is there something you can think of I could utilize? The only thing that I can think of is voice memo recording and emailing.


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