How to Embed Google Docs Into Your Blog Posts

One of the things that makes Google Documents popular is that you can easily publish your documents for anyone to read online even if they don’t have Google accounts of their own.

How to Embed a Google Doc Into Your Blog
You can do this by choosing the “publish to the web” option found in the “file” drop-down menu in your Google Document. When you open that menu you’ll also see an option to get an embed code to place in blog posts to display your documents. That’s where a lot of people get stumped. In fact, this morning I received an email from a reader who was having trouble with that last step. The embed code that Google Docs provided wouldn’t render her document in an easy-to-read format in her blog. Like many questions that I get, the best way to explain the solution is to show it. That’s what I do in the following video.

Applications for Education
You might be wondering why would anyone want to do this when Google Docs can easily be shared in Google Classroom, emailed to others, or added to Google Sites. The answer is that some people (parents) who need to read your document might not have access to Google Classroom or don’t want to be bothered with email. Another reason is that if you’re already using a tool like Blogger or Edublogs, it’s easier to keep using those services than to transition everything to Google Sites.


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