Get Organized With Google Classroom, Calendar, and Keep

The primary way that Free Technology for Teachers stays afloat is through the sale of my on-site professional development workshops and professional development webinars. As of this morning, more than 300 of you have purchased and participated in one of my Practical Ed Tech online webinars in 2019. Thank you!

The next professional development webinar that I’m offering is an updated version of Get Organized With Google Classroom, Calendar, and Keep. In this webinar on August 8th at 4pm you will learn how to use Google Classroom, Calendar, and Keep to streamline your workflow when it comes to distributing assignments and tasks. You’ll also learn how to use Google Classroom and Keep to efficiently provide feedback to your students. And you’ll discover how Google Calendar and Keep can be used in setting goals and staying on track to reach them.


  • Live at 4pm ET on August 8th (click here for your local time) 
    • It will be recorded for those who cannot attend live. 
Who is it for?
  • This webinar is intended for those who are new to using Google Classroom, Google Calendar, and Google Keep. It’s also a good refresher for those who haven’t used Classroom, Calendar, or Keep in a while and want to see what’s new and helpful.

Thank You Readers for 14 Amazing Years!