How to File a Copyright Infringement Complaint With Facebook

I frequently deal with websites that are plagiarizing my work. Usually, I deal with sites that are plaigiarizing my work by simply sending them a notice that they’ve been caught and that they should stop. Seven times out of ten it ends there. If it doesn’t end there I’ll send a formal DMCA takedown notice. In every instance in the past decade, those two steps have done the trick.

Unfortunately, for the last week I’ve been dealing with the owner of a site called Online Cultus that didn’t respond to any private messages except to once say “we’re not stealing any posts.” Worse, the owner of the Online Cultus, Aleksandra Arsik, unleashed a series of Tweets in which she blamed her copyright infringement on me for publishing an RSS feed that lets people read my posts online. She thinks that because the RSS feed exists that she can copy and paste the posts then simply add “source: Free Technology for Teachers.”

Since the owner of the site dug her heels in and refused to acknowledge any wrong-doing I had to start filing copyright infringement notices with the two biggest sources of traffic for her site, Google and Facebook.

How to File a Copyright Claim on Facebook
In an attempt to make something good out of this copyright debacle I have made a couple of videos to illustrate how to file copyright infringement notices with Facebook and Google. The first of those videos is How to File a Copyright Claim on Facebook.

As I mentioned in the video, filing a complaint on Facebook is a little more complicated than it is on Google. This largely due to issues around fair use. If you need to file a copyright claim on Facebook I recommend thoroughly reading the documentation that they provide as you go through the copyright complaint form that is available here.


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