DIY Apps, Email Tips, and Video Lessons – April’s Most Popular Posts

Good morning from Maine where the sun is shining on the first day of May. After an extremely stressful five days of dealing with a copyright infringer I’m taking the day off to take my daughters to the Gray Wildlife Park. It’s a wildlife rehabilitation center near our house that has birds, bears, moose, and deer. My girls love it! Before we head out I need to post the following list of the most popular posts of the previous thirty days. Take a look and see if there’s something neat that you missed in April.

These were the most popular posts in April, 2019:
1. Two New Options in Google Classroom’s Classwork Page
2. How to Create Video-based Lessons
3. Google Slides Now Has Native Support for Audio! Finally!
4. Kahoot Adds a Smart Practice Mode
5. Seven Good Tools for Creating Word Clouds
6. AP Government Review Resources – Kahoots and Quizlets from C-SPAN Classroom
7. Glide – Make Your Own App by Just Making a Spreadsheet
8. A Flipgrid Feature That is Often Overlooked
9. Four Free Tools for Creating Your Own Mobile Apps
10. A Great Email Etiquette Lesson from a Student

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