An Update on FormRecycler – And How to Use It

This morning I received a question from a viewer of my YouTube channel. The question was about the Google Forms add-on called FormRecycler. The viewer was attempting to use the add-on but was repeatedly getting the following error message, “Error: ReferenceError: “FirebaseApp” is not defined.” So I logged into my Google Forms to see if I could repeat the error, sure enough I got the same error. I reached out the developer of FormRecycler, John McGowan, and he replied with the following message:

I just published an update and it was missing a library…I fixed it and pushed out the update but I am waiting on Google to let it go live (they vet every update to ensure their is no malicious code). I hope the fix is live soon! I will respond back when it is 🙂
You should see that it runs about 3-4 times faster with the update and I am adding a lot of new features in the coming weeks.

I’m happy to report that as of this writing (11:52am ET) FormRecycler is once again working as intended without any errors.

If you’re wondering what FormRecycler is, it’s a Google Forms Add-on that makes it easy to reuse questions from one Google Form into another form. Watch my video to learn how to use it.

If you’re new to using Google Forms or any part of G Suite for Education, join my professional development course on the topic. The next class starts on January 7th. 


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