How to Send Personalized Certificates via Google Forms or Google Sheets

From perfect attendance to volunteerism to honor roll there are lots of occasions during the school year for schools to issue certificates to students. It used to be that to personalize certificates for students you would have to manually enter their names on the certificates that you were going to print for them. Today, there are easier ways to create personalized certificates for students. Here are two ways to generate personalized certificates for your students.

Use autoCrat to create personalized certificates in bulk. 
This is the method to use if you already have a list of the students who should receive a certificate for something like honor roll or perfect attendance. To use this method you will need to have or create a Google Sheet that lists the students’ names. Once you have that list you can run the Google Sheets add-on called autoCrat to automatically personalize the certificate for each student on the list. The certificate template must be made in Google Slides. Watch my video to learn how to use autoCrat and Google Slides to create personalized certificates in bulk.

Use Certify’em to Issue Personalized Certificates on an as-needed basis. 
This is the method to use if you don’t have a pre-existing list of students that need a certificate or you want to be able to issue certificates on-demand. Certify’em is a Google Forms add-on that will let you automatically issue a certificate to students when the pass a quiz in Google Forms with a minimum score of your choosing. I use Certify’em to issue certificates to people who complete my professional development webinars and courses. Watch my video to learn how to use Certify’em to issue personalized certificates.


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