Updated Menus and Toolbars Coming to Google Docs and Slides

If you take a break from using Google Docs and Google Slides during the upcoming holiday break, you might notice some changes when you open Docs after your vacation. That’s because on Wednesday Google announced some upcoming changes to the menus and toolbars in Docs and Slides.

Starting in January (possibly sooner for some users) the “lists” function will be renamed “bullets and numbering.” That change is long overdue.

“Show spelling suggestions” is going to be shortened to just “Spelling.” The “Spelling” function will now be in the “tools” menu instead of the “view” menu. That change makes sense.

The “document outline” function in Docs is moving from the “tools” menu to the “view” menu. That change makes sense.

One change that doesn’t seem necessary and is potentially confusing is the removal of “Import slides” from the “Insert” menu in Google Slides. You’ll still be able to import slides, you’ll just do it from the “File” menu.

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