Silly and Fun Halloween Tricks

Happy Halloween! This day is dedicated to tricks and treats. You probably have the treats covered, but what about the tricks? Today is a great opportunity to have some harmless fun with your students. These goofy tricks will have your students in stitches and they will appreciate your effort to have a little fun.

  • Mozilla X-Ray Goggles– Allows you to see the code on any website and alter text and pictures. The altered version can only be seen by you and this does not require any special skills. For Halloween you could alter a headline in your local paper to read something like “Local Teacher Kidnapped by Zombies” or something along those lines. This could lead to a discussion about digital citizenship and how tools like this should never be used to harm people.
  • Googlifier– This extension adds googley eyes to all photos on different websites. This works best on larger pictures and it takes a few seconds to load.
  • Catblock– Instead of blocking ads, it turns all of them into cat pictures.
  • OmNomNomify– This is too much fun! When you install the bookmarklet, you can turn images and videos on different websites into gifs that feature Cookie Monster. 


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