TimelinesTV – Good, Short History Lessons

I was recently looking through some of my older posts about timelines when I was reminded of TimelinesTV. TimelinesTV was originally built as a site that featured video lessons displayed on a timeline. Today, the timelines don’t function well (the site hasn’t been updated in a few years), but the videos are still available through the TimelinesTV YouTube channel.

Videos on TimelinesTV are arranged into eight playlists. Those playlists are:

  • Nations & Empire (British Imperial History 1290-1948)
  • Changing Lives (British Social History 1066-1984)
  • History File: Nazi Germany 
  • Seven Journeys in the American West 
  • Rulers & Ruled (British Political History 1066-1919) 
  • American Voices (The USA 1917-1941)
  • Edwardian Britain: A History in Photographs
  • Smallpox: The Story of a Killer Disease. 


Thank You Readers for 14 Amazing Years!