Use Storyboard to Highlight the Wonderful Things Happening in Your Classroom

This is a guest post from Sabba Quidwai (@AskMsQ) of EdTechTeacher, an advertiser on this site.

One of the greatest tools that educators have to act as advocates, models, and sources of inspiration for others is social media. Social media has allowed administrators, teachers, and students to take back the narrative of education and tell the story of what learning looks like in their community. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to Pinterest, there’s no shortage of tools that allow you to share your story. Oftentimes however, we find ourselves so wrapped up in the moment, not sure of the perfect caption, or perhaps unable to post because of network restrictions, that while we take lots of pictures and videos, we are not always immediately able to post them. We tell ourselves we will post them later, only to have a few days go by, and they are left in the camera roll for only your eyes to see.

Welcome Storyboard onto the scene. Storyboard allows you to organize your best moments, both photos and videos, and share them on your social media channels or website in a single post. This could be done at the end of they day, end of the week, or even end of the month to highlight the wonderful things that are happening in your learning community both inside and outside the classroom.

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No story is complete without the voices of everyone in your community. Allow multiple students to share their best moments as you travel on this exciting learning journey together. Create a shared folder where students and parents can join in and share their pictures and videos. When you are ready, organize the best moments and share your story! Want to go back and make an edit, you can add and delete posts anytime.

While Storyboard acts as its own social media feed, the feature that I love most is being able to take your post with all of your best moments and share it on other feeds.  There’s lots of great adventures happening in classrooms across the globe, take a few moments and share your story with the world.

P.S. Storyboard isn’t only for the classroom, you can use it while on your next vacation too!

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