Padlet Adds Helpful New Features

Padlet is one of my all-time favorite tech tools. Over the years I’ve used it for everything from to-do lists, to mind mapping, to KWL charts, to collaborative bookmarking. Here’s an outline of the ways I’ve used Padlet.  Recently, Padlet added some new features of note.

The Padlet iPad app will now work in landscape and portrait mode as well as any other way you can hold your iPad. Of course, all of the other handy features like scanning a QR code to join a Padlet wall are still in place.

Content filtering has been improved in Padlet. As a Padlet wall owner and or moderator you’ve always been able to remove inappropriate content. Without owner or moderator rights, you couldn’t do anything to indicate that inappropriate content was posted. To remedy that situation Padlet has added a “flagging” option. Now anyone can flag inappropriate content for review.

To learn more about Padlet, check out my playlist of tutorials embedded below.


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