Mail Call! – Answers to Questions from Readers

I receive a lot of emails and Facebook messages from readers asking all kinds of questions related to educational technology. Some of those questions are very specific to the writer’s classroom while others have a bit more broad appeal. My answers to the broader questions often end up as blog posts. Here are some of the latest questions from readers and my answers to them.

1. I am wondering if you might have any suggestions for an application that can take voice mail messages and transcribe them to text and put them in a spreadsheet. Thanks for any help you can offer.

Google Voice will transcribe your voicemail messages. You could then try using this If This Then That formula to send the transcriptions to a Google Spreadsheet (full disclosure, I have not tried this recipe, I just found it through a search on If This Then That).

2. Do you know of any sites that are a better alternative to Quia? Our teachers use quia but some find that is lacking when it comes to graphics. Our Engineering and Design teacher was hoping to find something similar (with games) that has better support for his engineering graphics that he needs to display as part of the assessment/game. Any ideas?

TinyTap (an iPad and Android app) keeps expanding their offerings to provide support creating games/ quizzes based upon your own graphics.
These game board builders might offer what you need
ProProfs also offers some game builder tools

3. Mr Richard sir, if that is your real name. Have been trying to find a recording tool that also records sound as in over the speaker sound and not mic. Have been using Screenr till now but of course it doesn’t have this feature. Been installing questionable programs for a few hours now and all I’ve found is BSR screen recorder, but the audio goes way out of sync or stops all together….even on very conservative quality settings. Got any tips? Thanks in advance and thanks for all the effort you put into sharing.

Yes, Richard is my real name. Feel free to Google me. has all of the features that you’re looking for. I use it for that purpose at least twice a week.

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Hey spammer! As tempting and legitimate as your offer sounds (#sarcasm), I’ll have to say no.


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