Knoema World Data Atlas – Reference Data Visualizations and More

Knoema’s World Data Atlas offers a huge collection of data sets, maps, and charts for almost every country in the world. There are dozens of data categories to pick from. Some of the data categories that you will find include GPD Per Capita, Government Debt, Migration, Housing, Energy Consumption, and Agricultural Production.

You can find a maps, charts, and data sets on Knoema’s World Data Atlas by selecting a country then choosing a data sets. Alternatively, you can choose a data set then see a list of countries represented in your chosen data set.

Each data set, map, and chart can be exported, downloaded, or embedded into a blog post or webpage. Registered Knoema users can use the data sets to create their own data visualizations.

Applications for Education
The obvious fit for Knoema is in a social studies setting in which students are comparing economic indicators. Knoema’s library of data sets and visualizations also includes data sets and visualizations appropriate for use in lessons on environmental science.


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