7 Ideas for Implementing Technology For A Purpose

This week I am giving some guest bloggers a chance to share their ideas with you. This is a second part of a guest post from Alicia Roberts. Part one of Alicia’s post appeared on Wednesday. 

  • Recruit staff and students to beta test “free technology” – Send a quick email  ex: Hi, I thought this link to FlipQuiz would be great for end of the year review 🙂  You never know who will respond!

  • Set the tone – Celebrate others… “Wow! – I loved the interactive video w/questions you created using  educannon. Do you mind if I share the link with the campus?”

  • Outline, Explain and Share the Progress of your tech journey – Make sure you have a road map to share with your principal of what you are trying to accomplish.

  • Check the Impact of what you are asking students and staff to accomplish – does the work the students do carry more weight than just a grade? Find out by creating an  end of the semester survey.

  • Do what you love…and love what you do!

Alicia Roberts is the Instructional Technology Specialist at Paradise Valley Christian Prep in Phoenix, AZ and EDU Development Specialist at Grand Canyon University. For more tools and trends check out

Teach 2 Inspire.com


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