Zoho Survey – A Survey Tool Packed With Features

Zoho offers a nice suite of online word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet tools. Recently, Zoho announced the launch of Zoho Survey. Zoho Survey is a feature-packed tool for creating online quizzes and surveys.

Zoho Survey allows you to mix and match 21 response formats while you’re creating your surveys. Within those response formats there are additional features you may find useful. For example, you can specify a maximum number of characters entered in an open-ended response field. You will also find that you can apply “if then” logic to any response field. This means that you can ask a short answer question and send respondents to a new question based upon their responses. For example, I could ask students to enter which class they’re in and send them to a set of questions just for their class. (This can also be done in Google Forms but only if you use multiple choice responses).

When you’re ready to publish your Zoho Survey you can embed it into a blog post or webpage. You can also send out a link to your survey. One of the options that you can choose for your published survey is to limit responses to one per computer. Another useful option is to set a date to automatically stop allowing responses.

Zoho Survey is available to use in your web browser and as an iPad app.

You can see my sample survey here.


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