The Two Cutest Explanations of Social Media That You’ll See Today

There are so many social networks on the web today that it can be hard to keep track of which ones to use for which purposes. Avalaunch Media is here to help with two of the cutest explanations that you’ll see today. Social MEDogIA Explained and Social MEowDIA Explained are explanations of social media from the perspectives of dogs and cats.

The infographics are part of a campaign to raise money for two charities, NEADS and The Humane Society of the United States. The money raised during the campaign in July will be donated to the two organizations. 2/3 will go to the infographic that gets the most votes and 1/3 will go to the other.

Applications for Education
If you find yourself trying to explain social media and social networks to a colleague who loves pets, these infographics might be a cute way to help them understand the purposes of the various networks depicted in the infographics.

H/T to Cool Infographics.


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