What’s Inside Coffee? And How Do You Decaffeinate It? – Videos

Earlier today Open Culture shared a video titled What’s Actually Inside an Average Cup of Coffee? The video, produced by Wired, gives us a short run-down of the chemical contents of brewed coffee. After watching the video I went looking for related videos on YouTube. I found How Do You Decaffeinate Coffee? published by Brain Stuff. In How Do You Decaffeinate Coffee? viewers again learn about the chemicals in coffee and how how to remove the caffeine from coffee. Both videos are embedded below.

Applications for Education
After watching How Do You Decaffeinate Coffee? I contacted my brother-in-law who is a professor of organic chemistry at Cedarville College and a friend of mine who is a chemist at Boeing to see if this process is something that could be done by high school chemistry students. Both of them think it is.


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