Google Releases an Official Save to Drive Extension

Last week I wrote about a Google Chrome extension that allows you to send images and files to your Google Drive account with one click. That extension was not made by Google. Today, Google released an official Save to Drive Chrome extension.

The official Save to Drive Chrome extension allows you to right-click on an image, link, or file and send it directly to your Google Drive account. After a file is saved in your Google Drive account you can rename it, share it, and move it into a folder just like any other item in your Google Drive account.

Applications for Education
Save to Drive could be used by students to collect links and pictures that they
will use in their research projects. To send to Google Drive students
will need to be signed into their Google Accounts when they’re searching
the web. And, of course, if your students are saving pictures from the web please talk to them about Copyright, Creative Commons, and Fair Use.


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