A New Image Commenting Option in Google Drive

A part of Google’s earlier announcement about Send to Drive that may be of interest to some readers is a new way to comment on images in Google Drive. Now any image that you have saved in your Google Drive account can have comments tied to it just like in a document. To comment on a specific part of an image select the “insert comment” option from the top menu, highlight a section of your image, then type your comment in the comment box.

Applications for Education
This new image commenting option could be useful for having students identify and label parts of an image or chart. Share the image just like you would share a document and invite your students to comment together.

This new commenting feature is something that I will definitely be including in my Google Drive and the Common Core webinars in January. The January session has sold out, but I am thinking about offering a second session in January if there is demand. I will be making a decision on that this week.


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