Three Free Halloween iPad Apps

Halloween is less than one week away. This afternoon I spent some time trying out a variety of Halloween-themed iPad apps. I found a lot of paid apps that are good, but only a few that I think are worth telling you about. These are the three that I some elementary school teachers will like.

Halloween eBook by Visuals Work is a simple, customizable Halloween story. The short story is about a friendly vampire, monster, and mummy preparing to go trick or treating. Students “find” each one of these as they read the story. To customize the story you can upload students’ pictures so that they appear next to the mummy in the story.

Halloween Word Search is a simple word search application that has a Halloween theme. All of the words in the app have a Halloween theme.

Carve a Pumpkin allows students to carve virtual pumpkins. There are five types of pumpkins to choose from. Students can carve their pumpkins using templates in the app or they can carve free-hand.


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