EduCam Classroom – Share Your Document Camera Images

EduCam is a new Android and iPad app that users of Flexcam an Ken-A-Vision document cameras may find useful. The EduCam app allows your students to view images captured with your document camera. Students can view images on their iPads and Android tablets. The images that they view they can also annotate and draw on. Students can submit their annotated images to their instructors through the EduCam viewer app.

Click here for the EduCam iPad app. Click here for the EduCam Android app.

Applications for Education
The EduCam viewer app could be a good app to have your students use to annotate images that you share with them. In a social studies course I might have my students use the app to annotate a primary source document that I share with them. In a biology course I might share a diagram of a cell and ask my students to label it and explain the structure of the cell.


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