Try Aviary’s Awesome New Mobile Image Editor

Last night I received an email from Aviary announcing their new mobile image editing tool. Aviary’s new mobile image editor is available as a free iPad app and as a free Android app. I installed it on my Android tablet this morning and gave it a try. Overall, the new Aviary Photo Editor is impressive.

Using the Aviary mobile image editor you can add Instagram-like filters to your images. There are twelve free filters to pick from. The Aviary mobile image editor allows you to crop your images, adjust color saturation, adjust image brightness, adjust the contrast, and flip the orientation of your images. The free app also gives you free tools for drawing on your images, adding text to your images, and adding stickers to your images. When you have finished editing your images you can save on your device, send them out as emails, or share them to Evernote, Google+, Twitter, Picassa, Facebook, and many other social networks.

Applications for Education
The Aviary mobile image editor is a great tool that students can use to crop and enhance images that they want to use in slideshows and videos. I always encourage the use of your own images in presentations, especially presentations that will be shared online, to avoid any worries about attribution.  The drawing and typing tools in the Aviary mobile image editor could also be used by students to create and enhance simple picture stories.

Click here for the free Aviary iPad app.
Click here for the free Aviary Android app.


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