Free Printable Flashcards and a Free Flashcard Creator is a new advertiser on Free Technology for Teachers. hosts free printable flashcards for reviewing math, science, geography, and language arts facts. The site also has free printable sets of flashcards for use in early childhood settings and flashcards for music lessons. More importantly, has an easy to use template for creating your own printable flash cards. When you have completed the template a printable PDF is generated for you.

Here’s how the creator of describes the site:
I know there are a lot of other flash card sites – many have thousands and thousands of card sets. But most of them aren’t useful to you or anyone other than the person who created them. (e.g. Mr. Señor’s Spanish test, chapter 3) We only publish card sets that are of general use to everyone.

But anyone can make themselves a set of flash cards, no matter now specific their need, using the awesome flash card maker. It’s handy if the ready made card sets don’t have exactly what you want.


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