Create Interactive Images on ImageSpike

ImageSpike is a new service for creating interactive images. The service is very similar to ThingLink which I have been a big fan of for the last year. ImageSpike allows you to upload an image, place pin marks on it, put text and links into those pin marks, and share your new interactive images. When someone views your interactive image he or she can click on the pin marks to read the text that you entered or click on the links that you included. In this sample I placed just one pin mark, but I can go back and add more whenever I want to.

Applications for Education
One drawback to ImageSpike is that you do have to enter an email address to get the embed code for your interactive image. Aside from that hurdle, ImageSpike could be a good tool for students to use to identify parts of an image and tag it with more information.

One way that I might use ImageSpike or ThingLink is in a lesson about the Battle of Gettysburg. I could have students upload an image of the battlefield then have my students add information related to different positions on the battlefield. For example, I might have my students identify Little Round Top and insert information about the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry.

I learned about ImageSpike from Larry Ferlazzo who suggested using it in an ELL lesson. Read Larry’s idea for using ThingLink in ELL activities here.


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