The Marketplace Whiteboard Explains Economic Issues

On Wednesday evening as I was driving home from a workshop I facilitated I heard a report about Spain’s economy on American Public Media’s Marketplace show. At the end of the report listeners were encouraged to visit the Marketplace Whiteboard for visuals that accompany the report.

The Marketplace Whiteboard is a series of videos explaining economic issues and topics that are currently in the news. This week’s episode is about Spain’s economy. Some of the past episodes have explained IPOs, bank runs, bonds, and debt ceilings.

Applications for Education
The Marketplace Whiteboard could be a good resource for social studies teachers creating current events lessons with an economics component. The few videos that I watched in the collection will probably not be self-explanatory to most high school students. You might use the videos to start a lesson and get students to ask questions or you might use the videos at the end of a lesson as a wrap-up piece.


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