Geography, Class, and Fate – Titanic Passengers

F.G.O. Stuart

Geography, Class, and Fate is an interesting map of Titanic passenger data. The map shows where each passenger was from, which class they were traveling in, and whether or not they survived the Titanic’s sinking. Click the placemarks on the map to learn the passengers’ names, where they were from, and the class of service in which they traveled.

The BBC has a wealth of information about the Titanic. One of the resources they have featured right now is Titanic: Faces of the Crew. Click on the pictures of the crew to reveal their names. You can filter the display according to gender, position in the crew, and whether or not a crew member survived.

Applications for Education
Students could use both of these resources to make comparisons and correlations between the class of service a person traveled in, role in the crew, gender, and his or her likelihood of survival. The map includes the names of all registered passengers on the ship while The Faces of the Crew does not list all crew members names.

H/T to Google Maps Mania and Larry Ferlazzo for these fine resources.


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