Teaching Parents and Others About Passwords

In 2010 Google launched Teach Parents Tech to help people teach their parents (and others) some basic computer and web browsing skills. Teach Parents Tech is a handy site that I have used with my own parents. But last night, I played the role of in-person tech support as I tried to explain computer viruses to my step-father. He wasn’t accepting my explanations so I went to my Common Craft library and pulled up Computer Viruses and Threats Explained by Common Craft.

After watching the video we talked about creating strong passwords to reduce the risk of having an account compromised. While I didn’t show my step-father this video, I do think it is a good way to explain how to create strong passwords.

How to choose a safe passwordExplania

Applications for Education
If you’re trying to teach your parents, students, or anyone else how to protect their computers and personal information, these videos can be helpful. Sometimes just hearing the same explanation in a different voice makes  the lesson easier for an audience to remember.


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