File Sharing Just Got Easier Through Dropbox

For a long time Google Documents has made it very easy to publish work to the web by simply selecting the “anyone with link” or “make public on web” options in the sharing menu. Now Dropbox has gotten in on the easy file sharing game by introducing a very similar feature. The new Dropbox file sharing option allows you to publish to the web any file that is in your Dropbox account.

To publish files to the web from your Dropbox account simply click “get link” next to your file’s name and a URL for your file will be generated. Give that URL to anyone you want to view your file. People accessing that URL will be able to see the file and its contents but will not be able to edit or delete any of the file’s contents. Publishing isn’t limited to just one file at a time, you can publish an entire folder from your Dropbox account with one link. As TechCrunch’s Anthony Ha said about the new feature, “it’s ridiculously easy.”

Applications for Education
Dropbox is a great service for teachers and students to save all kinds of files online. Used in conjunction with DropItToMe Dropbox is a great place to collect students’ works without flooding your email inbox. The new file sharing option will make publishing students works very easy. If students have a portfolio of writing that they wish to share online, Dropbox file sharing could be what they need.


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