Grovo – Video Lessons on Web Apps

Grovo is a service that offers video lessons on how to use a huge array of web apps and web services. Grovo lessons on the subjects of Internet basics, productivity, business tools, communication, lifestyle, and entertainment. Within each of these subjects you can learn how to use hundreds of different websites and web apps. Not sure how to set up filters in your email? Grovo can teach you. Confused about privacy settings on Facebook? Grovo lessons can clarify them for you. Have an interest in Pinterest, but don’t know how to use it? Grovo lessons will help you learn.

Grovo’s video lessons aren’t just stand-alone videos. There a part of a sequence of video courses. Each course has guiding questions that you can use to check your knowledge along the way.

Before you get too excited about Grovo, you should know that their course offerings a mix of free and paid enrollment courses. The courses marked with a big “G” indicate that they are courses for which you will have to pay to enroll.

Applications for Education
Courses like Grovo’s course on Facebook privacy settings and Facebook communication is a course that students and parents alike could benefit from taking. By taking the course together students learn a bit about how to manage their digital footprints, parents will learn what all of the settings do, and students will know that their parents know what can be done on Facebook.


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