Kikutext – Keep Parents Updated About Your School Through Text Messages

Kikutext is a new service for keeping parents informed about your classroom and or school through text messages. The service is an opt-in service for parents. When you create a Kikutext account you’re assigned an opt-in code to distribute to parents. Parents then send that code in a text message to register to receive messages from you. Kikutext keeps the phone numbers of parents and those of teachers and principals hidden from each other.

Applications for Education
The preferred method of communication for many people today is text messaging. Text messages are quick and easy to work with when compared with emails or phone calls. Using Kikutext could be a great way to take advantage of that communication preference to keep parents informed about important information from your school.

A couple of services to look at are Class Pager and gText. And through Google Voice you can do something similar to what all three of these services offer. Click here to read about how I have used Google Voice.


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