123s ABCs – A Handwriting Practice App for Android Devices

123s ABCs is a free Android app for handwriting practice. The app allows students to practice drawing uppercase and lowercase letters by tracing the template on the screen. The 123 aspect of the app has templates for tracing letters. The app also has basic shape templates to trace. Students can practice on each template as many times as they like. If the first attempt isn’t to a student’s liking, she can simply shake the phone or tablet to erase and try again. 123s ABCs also has an audio option that students can activate to hear each letter, number, or shape read to them.

Applications for Education
123s ABCs is a nice little app that young students could use to practice identifying and writing letters and numbers. I probably wouldn’t have students use it on phones just because I think they would need more screen space to draw on. 123s ABCs is better suited to tablets than phones.


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