VoiceThread Mobile for iOS

A few weeks ago I ran a workshop in which participants explored some tools for digital storytelling. One of those tools was VoiceThread. I like to introduce teachers to VoiceThread because it is a very collaborative tool that everyone with a laptop can access and begin contributing to a story in a short period of time. However, until last week VoiceThread wasn’t very mobile-friendly. That changed when VoiceThread introduced VoiceThread Mobile.

VoiceThread Mobile is a free app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Through the app users can create and comment on the go. Now you can snap a photo or capture a video with your iOS device and immediately start a VoiceThread project around that item. Or you could add that picture or video to an existing VoiceThread project.

Applications for Education
VoiceThread Mobile could be a great app for recording and reflecting on the sights and sounds of field trip. Take students on a walking tour of a historical district in a city and have them capture images that they then string together and discuss in a VoiceThread project that starts in the field and is finished back at school.


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