Documentary Tube – A Good Place to Find Documentaries

Last month I published a short list of good places to find and watch documentaries online. Today, I learned about another good place to find and watch full-length documentaries online.

Documentary Tube, like similar services, is a catalog of full-length documentaries found on the web. Documentary Tube doesn’t actually host the videos rather it catalogs them and displays them through embedding. Documentary Tube videos come from places like Daily Motion, YouTube, and Google Video. The catalog is arranged thematically. If you find a lot of documentaries on Documentary Tube you create and save playlists of your favorites.

Applications for Education
Snag Films and Snag Learning are still my go-to places for free documentaries, but Documentary Tube may have some documentaries that aren’t available on those two sites. Even if you have a DVD or VHS copy of a documentary, you still might want to search online for a copy of it to embed in your course blog or website. By embedding the documentary into your course blog you enable students who are absent from your class on the day you show it to see the same content without lending out your DVD or VHS.


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