Test Soup – Flashcards for iOS and Android Devices

Test Soup is a company that offers a large collection of flashcards sets that you can use on your iPhone or Android phone. The flashcard sets cover a wide array of topics including presidents of the United States, common high school vocabulary words, how to read a clock, Shakespeare quotes, and many other topics relevant to K-12 students. The collection of flashcard sets is a mix of free and paid apps. There are more than three dozen free flashcard sets.

Applications for Education
Putting flashcards on a phone isn’t going to revolutionize education, but it does make it a little easier for students to study on the go. Students are far more likely to remember to take their phones with them wherever they go than they are to grab a stack of index cards they’ve written on. If your students need some digital flashcards, have them search Test Soup for a set that fits their needs.


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