Score Feeder – Share School Sports News

If you have ever coached a school sports team, you have probably tried to call in results to a local newspaper’s sports desk. I did that for the two years that I coached middle school basketball and sometimes I got the person I needed to speak to and other times I didn’t. Score Feeder aims to correct that problem.

Score Feeder is a free service that coaches and or athletic directors can use to submit scores to multiple news outlets at once. When you use the service you enter scores once and they’re submitted to all of the outlets that you’ve specified. In your account you can enter team rosters and re-use them every time you submit scores. In other words, you only have to spell out players’ names and numbers once for the whole season instead of trying to spell them over the phone to a local newspaper reporter.

Applications for Education
Score Feeder could be a good time-saving service for busy high school coaches. And by entering the names of your players yourself, you reduce the chances that a newspaper will misspell one of your player’s names.


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