EdCamps Everywhere! Find One or Host One

EdCamp is a format for hosting free professional development conferences for educators by educators. The concept is that these free events are organized by volunteers who wish to have a gathering of educators to host a day of discussions and presentations. The discussions and presentations are announced that morning by the people in attendance. If you show up at an EdCamp with a presentation you want to give or a discussion you want to facilitate, put it up on the board and if people want to attend your session, you’re on.

There have been EdCamps all over the United States this year and there are still more planned for later this year in the US and around the world. You can see the schedule of upcoming events here.

If you would like to host an EdCamp event in your area, the EdCamp Foundation (a non-profit 501 c 3) has fantastic directions to get you started. They’ve outlined the steps you should take to secure a venue, secure some sponsorship if necessary, promoting your event, and running the actual event.

The EdCamp Foundation is currently seeking some pro-bono legal and accounting assistance. If you know anyone who would be interested in assisting them in that way, please get in touch with them.


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