dotSUB – Create and Watch Subtitled Videos

dotSUB is a free video hosting service specializing in enabling users to subtitle any video in any language. dotSUB does not perform the subtitle translations for you (YouTube has some automatic translation options, but they’re not that great) rather it simply supports subtitled translations that users create in any language. When you search dotSUB you can refine your searches to the language of your choice. The most popular videos will often have been subtitled into many languages by dotSUB users and you can select your language from a drop-down menu below the video.

Here is What is a Browser? with subtitles in Uzbek.

Applications for Education
A couple of years ago after reading a tip in a post by Wes Fryer I began turning on the English subtitles whenever possible to support struggling readers. The idea is that by having the subtitles on, students can see the spellings of the words they are hearing in the videos. At first the kids groan, but after the initial groaning they get used to it.

You could also use dotSUB in language classes to have students practice writing in the language they are studying. Have them select a favorite video in their native language then subtitle it in the language they are trying to learn to write.


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