Thinking About QR Codes and How to Make Them

QR Code for this blog

Today while I was driving from my old house to my new house (something I’ve done at least ten times this week in an attempt to get myself settled before school starts tomorrow) I got to thinking about QR codes. I wrote about QR codes last month when I shared Russel Tarr’s QR Treasure Hunt Generator. At the time I was so focused on the idea of getting students up and physically active that I totally overlooked the biggest benefits of an activity like a QR Code Treasure is that when students scan a QR code and access the information they then have a highly portable record of information. That portable record can go anywhere they take their phones.

Applications for Education
I create all of my documents including study sheets for my students using Google Documents. In that past I have made those documents public and posted them on my classroom blog. This fall I’ll continue to do that, but I think I will also create a QR code for those documents so that students can have quick portable access to the study guide. I’m using QR Droid to create QR codes by simply entering the URL of the page for which I want a QR code generated.


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