SchoolTube 9/11 Memoriam Video Contest

SchoolTube, one of my favorite alternatives to YouTube, is currently hosting a student video contest. The contest asks students to produce a short one to three minute video about emotions, sense of unity, and perseverance of the American spirit that were provoked by the terrorist attacks of 9/11. The video must include at least one on-camera interview. Entries are due by September 7. The winning entrant will receive an iPod Touch.

Applications for Education
Earlier today I wrote about the Story Corps Great Questions Lists. That list could be useful for crafting the on-camera interview for a student’s entry into SchoolTube’s 9/11 Memoriam Video Contest. Creating videos for this contest could be a great way to get your students to ask their parents, grandparent, and other adults in their lives about their 9/11 experiences and memories. Even if your students can’t enter in time for the contest, the idea of having students interview others about 9/11 could still be used in your lessons about September 11, 2011.


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