Zomobo – A Real-Time Encyclopedia

Zomobo is a new site that bills itself as a real-time encyclopedia. Zomobo, like the similar Mashpedia, pulls the latest information available about specific topics that you’re interested in. When you look up a topic in Zomobo you will get information pulled from blogs, social networks, Flickr, YouTube, newspapers, news sites, and Wikipedia.

Zomobo’s Greece Page

Applications for Education
Real-time encyclopedias can be very useful for students studying current events around the globe. Students have access to reference materials (via Wikipedia) and up to the minute news stories in one place. While Zomobo is good, the advantage of its competitor Mashpedia is that Mashpedia includes reference materials from the multimedia encyclopedia Qwiki.

Update: July 3. I just looked at Zomobo again and found that some of their “related topics” are not appropriate for school. I’ll stick with Mashpedia.


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