Infographics as Assessment

Another of the ISTE 2011 sessions that I wish I could have been in attendance for is Kathy Schrock’s Infographics in the Classroom as a Creative Assessment. Fortunately, for me and others who were not able to attend Kathy Schrock built a website that contains a lot of information about using infographics as assessment tools. On Infographics as a Creative Assessment Kathy provides links to examples of infographics, resources for creating infographics, and links to books and research about infographic design.

Applications for Education
I’ve posted a lot of infographics on this blog over the last couple of years because I think that they are useful for displaying a lot of, often numerical, information in a concise manner. If you have ever considered having students create infographics, Kathy Schrock’s Infographics as a Creative Assessment could be a very valuable resource for you.


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